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Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellation Refund Policy


Cancellation by User

Participants have the right to cancel their enrollment in a course within 4 days from the date of enrollment. Cancellation requests should be submitted through the user account or by contacting our responsive customer support team at [ Upon cancellation within the specified period, participants will receive a full refund, minus any non-refundable fees.


Cancellation by Brolly Ai

While rare, Brolly Ai reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a course due to unforeseen circumstances, insufficient enrollment, or other reasons. In such cases, participants will be promptly notified, and they may choose to enroll in an alternative course or receive a full refund. Brolly Ai is not liable for any additional expenses incurred by participants due to course cancellation.

Refund Policy

Refund Eligibility

Refund Process

Refunds are applicable only within the specified cancellation period, as outlined during the enrollment process. Beyond this period, no refunds will be granted. Participants should carefully review the course details for the exact refund eligibility timeframe.

To initiate a refund, participants must contact our dedicated customer support team at (] with the subject line “Refund Request – [Course Name].” In the email, participants should include their full name, course details, and a brief explanation of the reason for the refund. Refund requests will be processed within 4 business days upon receiving all necessary information

Non-Refundable Fees

Refund Timeframe

Certain fees, such as processing fees or administrative charges, may be non-refundable. Participants will be explicitly informed of these non-refundable fees during the enrollment process. It is essential to review the course details and terms before confirming enrollment.

Refunds will be credited to the original payment method used during the enrollment process. The time it takes for the refund to reflect in the participant’s account may vary depending on the payment method and the policies of the financial institution. Brolly Ai commits to processing refunds within 4 business days, but participants should be aware that additional delays may occur beyond our control.

Refund Policy for EMI Payments

Refund Eligibility for EMI Payments

Brolly Ai understands that some participants choose the convenience of paying through Equated Monthly Installments (EMI). Refunds for EMI payments will align with our standard refund policy to ensure fairness and transparency. If a participant opts for a refund, the entire refund amount will be credited, and adjustments will be made for any EMI payments already processed. This way, we aim to streamline the refund process for participants who have selected the EMI payment option.

EMI Payment Adjustments

In the event of a refund approval, any EMI payments made before the cancellation will be recalibrated, and the remaining EMIs will be canceled. We aim to make this process seamless and efficient for participants seeking refunds for EMI payments.

Course Rescheduling Policy


Rescheduling Options

Brolly Ai understands that unexpected situations may arise, making it challenging for participants to adhere to their initially scheduled courses. To accommodate such instances, participants can request to reschedule a course by contacting our dedicated customer support team at [] or [9052144555].


Rescheduling Fees

While we strive to provide flexibility, please note that rescheduling may incur additional fees. These fees will be communicated clearly during the rescheduling process, allowing participants to make informed decisions about modifying their course schedules.

Cancellation & Refunds: For Self-Placed Learning

Refund Eligibility

Participants enrolled in self-paced learning courses at Brolly Ai can request a refund within the specified cancellation period. This period is communicated during the enrollment process, ensuring participants are aware of the timeframe within which they can seek a refund. The objective is to provide participants with the flexibility to assess the suitability of the self-paced learning format and make informed decisions about their continued enrollment.

Refund Process

To initiate a refund for self-paced learning, participants can seamlessly submit a request through their user accounts on our website or by reaching out to our responsive customer support team. We aim to make the refund process as straightforward as possible for the convenience of our participants.

Cancellation & Refunds: Classroom Training

Cancellation Period

For participants engaged in classroom training courses, Brolly Ai allows cancellations within 4 days from the scheduled course start date. This ensures participants have ample time to assess their commitment to the classroom training format.We believe in providing a reasonable cancellation window to accommodate unforeseen circumstances that may affect a participant's ability to attend the scheduled classroom training.

Refund Amount

Refunds for classroom training will be processed in accordance with our standard refund policy. Participants can expect a fair and transparent process that aligns with industry best practices.

Cancellation & Refunds: Online Classroom Training

Online Classroom Training Cancellation

Participants enrolled in online classroom training courses have the flexibility to submit cancellation requests within 4 days from the course start date. This policy is designed to provide participants with the necessary flexibility while ensuring a fair and equitable refund process.

Refund Process

The refund process for online classroom training follows the standard protocol, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for participants seeking refunds. Our aim is to make the online learning journey with Brolly Ai as seamless as possible.

Cancellation & Refunds: For CSM, CSPO, PSM, PSPO Programs

Refund Processing Time

Refunds for these specialized programs will be processed within 4 business days after the approval of the cancellation request. Our commitment is to provide timely and efficient service to participants involved in these intensive training programs.

Program-Specific Cancellation Period

Participants enrolled in specialized programs such as CSM, CSPO, PSM, and PSPO have a specific cancellation period within which they can request refunds. This period, typically 4 days from the program start date, provides participants with a fair timeframe to evaluate their commitment to these intensive programs. Brolly Ai recognizes the unique nature of these programs and tailors the cancellation policy to meet the specific needs and challenges associated with them.

University Partnered Programs/Bootcamps

Refund Policy for Partnered Programs:

Participants enrolled in university-partnered programs or boot camps should refer to the specific refund policy outlined by the partnering institution. Brolly Ai adheres strictly to the policies set forth by its esteemed university partners, ensuring transparency and compliance.

The collaboration with universities reflects our commitment to providing high-quality education, and the refund policies for these programs are aligned with the academic standards set by our partners.

Refund Request Can Be Initiated in Two Ways

Initiating Refund Requests:

  • Participants at Brolly Ai enjoy the convenience of initiating refund requests through two seamless channels. The first option involves submitting a request through their user accounts on our user-friendly website.
  • Alternatively, participants can reach out to our dedicated customer support team via email at [] or by contacting [+91 9052144555. These multiple channels are designed to accommodate diverse preferences and ensure participants can initiate refund requests with ease.

Refunds: Duplicate Payment

Duplicate Payment Refund:

In the rare instance of a participant making a duplicate payment, our responsive customer support team is ready to assist. Participants encountering this situation should promptly contact customer support and provide proof of the duplicate transaction. Brolly Ai is committed to rectifying such issues swiftly, ensuring participants receive a refund for the duplicate amount without any unnecessary delay.

Brolly Ai Reserves the Right to Revise This Policy Without Prior Notice:

Policy Revisions

Brolly Ai reserves the right to revise its Cancellation/Refund Policy at any time without prior notice. This flexibility allows us to adapt to evolving industry standards, regulatory changes, and improvements in our service offerings. Participants are encouraged to review the policy periodically for updates. We believe in transparency and will strive to communicate any policy changes in a timely manner.

Contact Information

For any inquiries related to cancellations or refunds, participants can reach out to our customer support team at or contact us via phone at 8186844555. Our team is available during regular business hours to assist with any concerns or questions regarding our cancellation and refund policies.

Policy Revisions

Brolly Ai reserves the right to revise its Cancellation/Refund Policy at any time without prior notice. This flexibility allows us to adapt to evolving industry standards, regulatory changes, and improvements in our service offerings. Participants are encouraged to review the policy periodically for updates. We believe in transparency and will strive to communicate any policy changes in a timely manner.

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